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Seo Service  (Ultra) £350

Six New Keywords each month

We target 72 keywords in total these will be high traffic keywords.

  1. 400 backlinks 70% with trust flow 60+
  2. 100 social bookmarks
  3. 2 online press releases "Only for new websites"
  4. 2 blogs created updated each week "Depends on website in question"
  5. Twitter tweet to 22,000+ users
  6. 600 facebook likes 80% UK
  7. Google/Bing Places seo
  8. 400 Pinterest pins/posts across our boards
  9. Youtube Channel Ranking
  10. Twitter Status Retweet 80+ (New)
  11. Facebook Page Ranking (New)
  12. LinkedIn 80 web shares (New)
  13. 4 Instagram posts with our followers these get about 100 likes per post on average sometimes more simply depends on image we use.

We are always adding to this monthly plan as we grow our following on social media sites, we also post on vine and youtube.

The price for membership is £350.00 per Month.

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